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DASA Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsored by Delaware Association of School Administrators

Value: $1,000
Awards Available: 2
Deadline : May 31, 2022 Deadline Estimated

DASA will award a $1000 William B. Keene Scholarship and a $1000 Paul Carlson Dedication to Excellence Scholarship.
This DASA scholarship competition is limited to schools that have at least one DASA member.

1) Eligibility:

A) Any Delaware High School senior who has applied and is likely to be accepted as an education major in college.

B) Students in schools that have an administrator who is a DASA Member in the school where the student attends.

C) All schools may submit two essays; schools with 250 twelfth grade students may submit three essays; schools with 300 or more may submit four essays. Should the school receive more than the number allowed, we ask that the school select the best and forward them to us. The high school is responsible for submitting ONLY the number of essays allowed based on the number of high school seniors in their school.

2) Required from students:

A) Submit 300-500 word essay on "Why I Chose Education as My Career Field"; it must be typed or written legibly in ink.

B) Submit a statement declaring that the essay is the student's work; grant DASA permission to reprint the essay for non-commercial uses.

C) Provide a statement of intent to apply for college and agreement to submit verification of acceptance once obtained.

D) Provide completed information on Form A.

E) Provide a statement of prior experiences in working with children on Form B.

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